Second Year Degree Project

Unfulfilled Vows

This body of work portrays the life of a housewife with a darker twist.  Married life is not what she had imagined it would be.  She is bound by her vows to a life of service and unfullfillment.

These photographs are an extension of my initial ‘bored housewives’ project, which I began last year.  The first photographs were taken of my wife performing household tasks in her wedding dress.  This idea continued to develop during a trip to Spain, where models conducted similar activities.  Unlike those pictures, which simply pictured housewives entertaining themselves until their husband’s return, these latest photos give an insight into how the insignificance of their existence continues once he is home.


Harman Student Photographer of the year 2015

Vesper in The Shower


HARMAN hold an annual photography competition that invites all budding photographers to submit their creative entries.

This year the competition saw just short of 1000 entries and took the judges several hours to decide which two images should be selected as the winner in their respective category.