HARMAN Technology Student Photographer of the Year 2015

About HARMAN Technology Limited

HARMAN technology Limited was formed in 2005 by formr managrs of ILFORD Imaging UK Limited. The company acquired the facilities at Mobberley, Chesire, England, where ILFORD products have been designed and manufactured for many years, enabling HARMAN to continue making and selling the world famous ILFORD brand of black and white photographic products.

HARMAN trading as ....

      The company trades as ILFORD PHOTO for a range of monochrome film, paper and photo chemistry products.

"we are passionate about what we do. Our aim is 'to be the best in black and white'. the name HARMAN comes from Alfred Hugh Harman who founded the original ILFORD copany in 1879" 

HARMAN Philosophy

HARMAN technology's philosophy is: 'Inspired by Imagination, Shaped by Science', and this boundless passion for innovation has seen the application of HARMAN's cutting-edge technology open up new oppertunities for the bussiness.

The digital category winner was Mark Boulton (Mark Boulton Photography), who takes the title of 'HARMAN technology Student Photographer of the Year 2015' with the wining print: 'Casino Royale - Vesper in the shower'.

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